November 24, 2015

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ Lets see those Outdoor Companions

I would imagine everyone’s dog is a bit like my golden retriever. She has a built in Outdoor Activity Radar System and the minute I pick up say, my Fly Rod, or a Backpack, she runs straight to my front door, stands guard with an intent stare and remains like that until I say, “Ok, Ok, you’re going with me.” If she could type, I have no doubt she would chime in here and say, “Works like a charm, every time.

Abby ~ An Upland Odyssey

One of the (fun) things we administrators of the OBN do, is visit every single blog that is submitted to the Outdoor Directory. Today I’d like to highlight a common Blog sighting I’ve noticed, no matter what type of Outdoor blog a person writes.

Introducing……The Outdoor Dogs of the Outdoor Blogger community like pretty Abby from the Blog An Upland Odyssey.

This weeks Photo Challenge: Share your favorite picture of your Four-Legged Outdoor Companion. If you feel like telling us a bit about your Dog, the quirks, the stories, the enjoyment, we’d love to read about it.

(don’t forget to leave the link to your actual blog post in the comment section below so that everyone can visit your blog entry)

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When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


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    Probably not the type of picture you were expecting, but here ya go…


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      Mike ~ Wild Pictures of Sammy! So maybe I wasn’t expecting that sort of picture, but the story….well, doesn’t surprise me about dogs. They like to keep us on our toes. Thank you for sharing!

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    Scruffy is always ready to go fishing.

  4. 5

    I don’t have a dog that I take with me… I’m guilty of clicking the link to look at other peoples dogs. =)

  5. 6

    OK I’ll play, after all we cannot be leaving the ‘stench from the abyss’ out can we? so here’s the link;

    You may have to paste n copy it, damn this infernal technology where’s me chalk n slate when I need it?

    All the best,

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  7. 8

    No dog at Northern California Trout.


  8. 10

    Not my dog, but very cool regardless.

    My dog Caesar is very good at sleeping, better at eating, and generally avoids the outdoors unless “nature calls.”

  9. 11

    Some pics from a little detour on an epic-long drive on the day I adopted the pooch. Pic of the pooch towards bottom of the post.

    Mat (& Awesome the dog)

  10. 12
    Her name is Ashby and she makes working at home a joy even if she snores…

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  12. 15

    I finally had a chance to join in on the fun ~ Introducing, my Bandon….she who is slightly resentful right now ~

  13. 16
    Our goldies make our world a better place! And they are my favorite thing to blog about.

  14. 17

    Oh ya! One of my favorite topics is pups, pooches, canines, dogs, “(wo)man’s best friend”, or fishing buddy. Whatever you call ‘em, they are great.
    We totally got into this whole tell your dog story thing and have posted a brand new, never seen before video to tell the story!
    Check it out:

  15. 18

    Probably the only person in Colorado without a dog….

  16. 19

    Just a note to say that I finally got around to posting over at Blog Cabin Angler on my four legged companions outdoors. Hope you all enjoy!

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