June 29, 2016

Winner(s) of the Sportsman Channel Blog Writing Contest

The Sportsman Channel

Today we are proud to announce the winner(s) of the Sportsman Channel ~ Blog writing contest. Since everyone hates a Board of Directors speech before a big award show, I’ll just tuck my napkin of notes back in my pocket and get to the good stuff. Drum Roll please……… The Winner of the $200.00 dollar […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ The Ones We’d Like To Forget

Fish Drop ~ Clearly a Moment I'd like to Forget

For this weeks Outdoor Photo Prompt I thought I’d encourage a little bit of fun. This photo prompt is inspired by Dylan Rose who writes the always popular blog Skate The Fly. Dylan has a feature on his blog called “Hero Shots Gone Wrong” where people send him their fish pictures that didn’t quite make […]

Winners of the Columbia River Knife & Tool and Glacier Gloves

The Guppy

Mondays are quickly becoming a favorite part of our week here on the OBN….. We enjoy being the delivery system of good news! The lucky person who gets to use and review The Guppy from Columbia River Knife & Tool is…. Comment #10 Cameron Mortenson of the blog The Fiberglass Manifesto We look forward to […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week ~ 11/29/10

MultiSport Life

Our First Featured Blogger of the week is Hank Shaw of the blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook ~ Finding the Forgotten Feast Hank writes a cooking blog that is right up the alley for anyone who hunts, fishes, grows their own produce and appreciates food that doesn’t come from a box. His recipes are mouthwatering […]

A Happy Thanksgiving To You (and You and You and You)

May Everyone's Turkey Cook Just Right

Thanksgiving is one of those days that is wrapped up with good people, full bellies and a chance to tell others how grateful you are for them. Joe and I wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone that has made the Outdoor Blogger Network what it is today. The support, encouragement and participation from the […]

Outdoor Gear Review Opportunities from Glacier Glove and Columbia River Knife and Tool

EVERYONE can use gloves in the Winter!

This week, we have 2 separate companies participating in our Gear Review Opportunities.  The more, the merrier, we always say! First up on our list is 3 pairs of Glacier Glove Alaska Pro.  These gloves feature: Realtree Max 4 camo Waterproof and breathable 60 gm. Thinsulate Leather palms for better gripping These gloves retail for […]

Newest Members of the Outdoor Blogger Network ~ 5

In the Hunting Category: Hunt like You’re Hungry ~ “Random thoughts on all things hunting (archery, gun, waterfowl, deer, (etc) and life outside legal shooting times” The Wild Life ~ Lifelong resident of Central Florida with a passion for hunting just about anything Whitetail Deer Passion ~ Practical and comprehensive information for whitetail deer hunters […]

A Good Cause ~ Casting 4 a Cure Auction

Casting 4 A Cure

When Joe and I were at the pen and paper stage of this website, we decided one feature we’d like to offer all the Outdoor Bloggers was an announcement stage for Outdoor Causes that needed a spotlight or helping hand or shout out…or?  If you’d like to read the specifics (especially if you’re involved in […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week ~ 11/22/10

Cappy's Pond

~ Another week, and more great Outdoor Bloggers to feature ~ Our first Featured Outdoor Blogger of the week is Kirk Cahill of Cappy’s Pond ~ Stories from an American Angler Kirk currently lives in Illinois and spends a great deal of his time in the Great Outdoors fishing. He writes a fantastic blog that […]

The winners of the SOG Aura Hunter knives

small SOG

Our second week of Gear Review Opportunities has come and gone, and we have, via random.org, picked our 3 winners of the SOG Aura Hunter knives.  All that is left for you, the winners, to do is to send an email to us at OBN and let us know your address to send the knife! […]