June 29, 2016

Discovering New Reading Material on OBN

Everyone who writes a blog has a variety of readers.  Some are fellow bloggers, others interested readers.  But, by and large, most bloggers follow a number of other blogs.  Cumulatively, this collective WE comprises a significant amount of our readership.  It only makes sense – we share a common love of the outdoors, and we enjoy reading about the exploits of others who like doing what we do.  So I’ll make the leap of faith and assume that the vast majority of  bloggers on OBN are also readers of the blogs of others.

Part of the enjoyment derived from organizing this Network and compiling the Directory is discovering heretofore unknown (to me) blogs.  There is an amazing amount of great material out there, and we are just scratching the surface.  When we categorize blogs for inclusion in the Directory, it seems that the catch-all category has become the General Outdoors.  Personally I’ve been amazed at some of the great blogs that have found their way into this “catch-all” category.

[NOTE:  anytime a particular blog is mentioned or highlighted, you run an inherent risk of "offending by omission" another blog. Nothing could be farther from the truth in this case.  I just chose a few to highlight because they struck a cord with me]

If you want to experience a slice of life from the bayou, be sure to follow Bayou Woman and Notes from the Crawfish Pond.  Both are outstanding and informational.  Dan Nelson’s Adventures Northwest is superbly written and illustrated and was a joy for me  to find.  Another fun read has been BackcountryRambler.  And, finally, I think I may be last person on this bandwagon, but the writings found on The Suburban Bushwhacker are just fascinating to me,  And, speaking of fascinating…

I would be remiss if I didn’t bring A Woodrunner’s Diary to everyone’s attention.  I knew I wanted this unique blog in the OBN, but wasn’t sure where it fit.  Naturally, it ended up in “General Outdoors” .  This blog is educational and fascinating, and if you haven’t done so, I’d encourage you to check it out.  It makes learning fun.

We will continue to bring new blogs and bloggers to every one’s attention with our “Featured Bloggers” section, but I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure people weren’t overlooking the General Outdoors category.   Remember to keep checking back there for more great reads.

So many more blogs to read, and such an overwhelming start to the OBN.

Thanks to all of you.

And, finally, the reason this post is  blase’ looking , Rebecca is the person who re-sizes the jpegs so they fit nicely in our format.  She is busy chasing trout, so you get the “plain Jane” look on this post.  I’ll add it to my list of things to learn to do.




  1. 1

    She’s earned some river time…and the ‘blah’ isn’t so bad, Joe.

  2. 2

    Thanks for the plug Joe, much appreciated. I quoted you on my blog, so you get a mention too.
    Thanks again.

  3. 3
    Backcountry Rambler says:

    I have to echo the above. A little surprised but much appreciated. Thanks Joe.

  4. 4

    I’m just going to the list… starting at the top and clicking each one… one by one. When I’m done, I will start all over again. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. 5

    I use Prish Image Resizer. Just click the icon (highlight as many as you want), right click, and select the new size. It creates a copy and resizes all the pictures at once. Slick stuff, it takes less than a minute to do a dozen or so.


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