June 26, 2016

Our OFFICIAL launch day is finally here!! (And our first GIVEAWAY!!)

Shimano Stradic 2500 Fi spinning reel

Welcome to the official Grand Opening of the Outdoor Blogger Network.  We are really glad you’re here!  Whether you’re a blogger who wants to be a part of this network, or a reader of outdoor blogs who wants to find the best material on the web, you’ve come to the right place.

First time here? We have a pretty comprehensive series of intro pages here on the home page that go into greater detail of the categories and objectives we hope to achieve in short order. You can also read more about the beginning of all this and the ideas we have on the ABOUT OBN tab.

Since part of our site revolves around Outdoor Gear Reviews, what better way to kick this baby off than to give away some Outdoor Gear???  A few lucky bloggers will win some great stuff and as part of the giveaway, we’d ask that you use the product, and let others know what you think.  We’ll have some happy bloggers, and some fresh Gear Reviews!!  Seems like a win-win situation to all involved.

Here is the list of items we are giving away in our Welcome to the Outdoor Blogger Network Contest:

William Joseph Chest Pack

A  pair of Bushnell HD binoculars

A  Shimano Stradic 2500 Fi spinning reel

A William Joseph Access chest pack

A Plano 1470 polycarbonate waterproof carrying case. (items in carrying case picture not included. I know! But no can do)

Contest Details: This Giveaway will run from now, until High Noon on Monday November 1st. That gives everyone 2 weeks to comment in this entry and pile up extra entries if you want to increase your chances of a win. Our comment section is set to number every comment we receive, so all of our giveaways & gear review offer winners will be selected via a random generator.

We believe in the reward the buzz concept and want to offer several ways to earn extra entries in the Giveaway. To keep things simple and on the straight and narrow, please leave a separate comment for each buzz action you’ve done. Honor system reigns supreme around these parts, so we’ll trust you.

  • Leave a comment – 1 entry
  • Write a post about the OBN on your blog – 2 entries (that’s right, leave 2 more comments indicating you did this!)
  • Place the OBN Badge on your Website – 2 entries (and we thank you!)
  • Subscribe to the RSS or Email Feed – 1 entry
  • Mention the OBN on your Facebook -1 entry
  • Mention the OBN on Twitter – 1 entry

No need to be shy about this. Every person could have 5 or more comments below! Imagine if you were out fishing with your friends, you wouldn’t catch just one fish and put your rod down for the rest of the day to give your friends a better chance of catching up….would you? Have fun and we can’t wait to send out some great gear to some great Outdoor Blogger Network supporters. Good luck!

(Remember, each entry needs to be a separate comment)
(Bushnell HD binoculars picture coming soon)

Rebecca & Joe

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    I love this idea! Great work… I’ll check back often (and I hope I win the chest pack!)

  2. 3

    looks like the perfect start, really think it is neat to get info and find out about fishing and hunting, hope can find more in area.

    • 4

      Clinton ~ there’s already plenty of blogs full of great information on the Directory. Hopefully you can also find someone in your area that writes. You could ask in the Community News over in the sidebar and someone might answer you!

  3. 5

    I just left a comment! And I’ve never won anything over the internet? Maybe now is the time?!?

    • 6

      Casey! Nothing? Ever? Ok then, you’re due….if by chance not this time, then in the very near future. This isn’t our only giveaway that’s coming across the wires ~

  4. 7

    I have the badge on my website!!!

  5. 8

    I have subscribed to the Feed!

  6. 9

    this is not a comment

  7. 10

    I have subscribed to the OBN feed

  8. 11
  9. 12

    Please don’t delete this one because it IS a comment

  10. 16

    I have posted the badge on my website!

  11. 17

    I have mentioned the Outdoor Blogger Network on Facebook!

  12. 18

    There is an OBN logo on my blog….i think

  13. 19

    I have subscribed to the RSS Feed!

  14. 20

    And I can confirm the logo is on Lunker Hunt, so this should qualify as my second comment under section three.

    I’ll write something about OBN, thank god I’ve got two weeks.

  15. 21

    Here’s my comment for (1) entry.

    Great idea for a community website, very happy to be here and included in the action. Nice to see some familiar names and faces…even better to stumble upon some new ones!

  16. 22

    OBN badge is on my website. You’re welcome.

  17. 23

    Subscribed to email feed. Hope you make it past my SPAM filter.

  18. 24

    I have posted the link on twitter!

  19. 25

    Facebooked you. All 3 of my “friends” should enjoy this.

  20. 26

    I’ve been writing my blog for amost a year now and today is most likely going to be the most views on my page ever. Last check I was at 45 views and that was 4 hours ago! Thanks to the Outdoor Bogger Network and Rebecca and Joe.

  21. 28

    Tweeted too. @troutrageous1; wishing many RTs from the followers.

  22. 29

    Now this is what I am talking about this is a great idea …

  23. 30

    I am spreading the word…I put the badge on my blog.

  24. 31

    You’ll see a blog post tomorrow (Tuesday), and the tidal wave of clicks that follow.

  25. 32

    I subscribed to the feed.

  26. 33

    This is an awesome idea, Rebecca and Joe! Well, I guess it’s not just an idea any longer! I’ve subscribed and placed the badge on my blog. Great job!

  27. 34

    I just made a link on my facebook page.


  28. 35
  29. 36

    Great site and I look forward to contributing. I have put your badge on my site.
    Tight lines

  30. 37

    Great Idea! Just loaded my latest blog and placed your widget on my blog. Check it out! http://www.tenkaraonthefly.blogspot.com
    Catch you later!

  31. 38

    Fun! I added the badge to my website

  32. 39

    tweeted just now

  33. 40

    Congratulations! Looking forward to big things from y’all.

  34. 41

    Subscribed. Email.

  35. 42

    …added you to my blogroll.

  36. 43

    …Facebook page.

  37. 44

    …and finally…Twitter.

    Again, congrats.

  38. 45

    I love the look of the Outdoor Blogger Network logo on my blog page!

  39. 46

    Rebecca and Joe – Just wanted to thank each of you for the foresight and thought process put into the concept of the OBN. It is not just a good idea with a plan, it is a “great” idea and a plan that will work for all of us outdoor type bloggers. Happy to be a part of the origination of a great community of friends.

    • 47

      Thanks Mel! I see big things for this community……Big old summer BBQ next year? Thank you for all of your support. And…as part of the spirit of Outdoor Bloggers, I’m planning on seeing you in person this next week! I’ll email you~

  40. 48

    I have added the Badge (Log0) to the top of my page over at Blog Cabin Angler!

  41. 49

    I must admit that the OBN Logo (Badge) is very eye catching over on my blog. Kudo’s to the graphics person for a job well done!

    Second comment on the Badge for my blog!

  42. 50

    I have subscribed via the RSS feed and will follow OBN closely in the time to come. I am psyched!

  43. 51

    I have also added an entry on my Facebook page about the OBN. Here is the link.


  44. 52

    I’ll be racking up the entries. Comment

  45. 54

    Posted about the OBN on Bass Pundit #1

  46. 55
  47. 56

    OBN Badge on your Website #1

  48. 57

    OBN Badge on your Website #2

    I actually have the badge on twice. Once when I posted about you and I put the badge in the sidebar, but I’m guessing almost no one will see that because it’s a long ways down, especially with the technical difficulties I’m having with Internet Explorer and my Blogrolls right now.

  49. 58

    Mention the OBN on your Facebook -1 entry

    When I posted about you on my blog it automatically posts to my Facebook Fan page.

  50. 59

    Great idea, hope you will post all the goodies I am going to win to South Africa. :-)

  51. 60

    Badge is on my site for both my readers to see.


  52. 61

    Mention the OBN on your Facebook -1 entry

    Just did status update about OBN to all my facebook friends.

  53. 62

    I subscribed to the feed.

  54. 63

    Subscribe to Email Feed – 1 entry

  55. 64

    Thanks for listing my site. I’m loving your blog.

  56. 65

    Afternoon all,
    It looks as if all systems are go, so I guess this is me first comment upon this prestigious new venture – if by some bleedin’ miracle I happen to win in this wonderful give-away (never ever won bugger all from the web so far) and it’s the binoculars then could you auction them off for a charity of your choice (can only use mono scopes due to very dodgy vision) but as for any of the other items there mine I tell ya, all mine he ah aaaa hhaa ha ah ha….
    Oh and been as I’m a featured blogger type thingy here on your opening gambit (god only knows how that happened) does that mean an extra entry point?????? surely it must … go on you know it makes sense.
    Best regards,

  57. 66

    Oh and the OBN badge has been on my blog page for absolute ages, well a couple of days at least

  58. 67

    Oh oh oh and I’ve subscribed using that RSS feed thingy ma bob….

  59. 68

    This is a great start to a great idea! It will only become an even greater resource over time and with more supporters and partners sharing their thoughts, ideas and the like!


  60. 69

    I think you guys have a great idea here. I’m not after any goodies. Just wanted to help you out. I already wrote a blog post, put a badge on my blog, and mentioned you on Twitter. And of course, I’ll subscribe to your RSS feed.

    Although, those binoculars _would_ be nice to have. Hmmmm….

  61. 70

    I’m leaving a comment – This is a great idea, Rebecca!

  62. 71

    I just Tweeted about the OBN on…well…Twitter.

  63. 72

    I just posted on my Fecebook wall about OBN!

  64. 73

    I just “Liked” OBN on Fecebook.

  65. 74

    I just grabbed the RSS feed for my reader…..You should put a Feedburner link on here too!

  66. 75

    I just added a link to OBN in the “Cool Sites” section of my site!


  67. 76

    Check out the post “Cappy’s Blog Joins Outdoor Blogger Network!”

  68. 77
  69. 78

    Great stuff guys! Glad we could connect with so many great outdoorsman and women around the US!

    Check out Minnesota Fishing and Photography with Jeff “Breezer” Andersen at http://jeffandersenfishingphotography.blogspot.com/

    I fish mostly on Leech Lake, Cass Lake, Brainerd Lakes area and all across Minnesota and Canada.

    Hope you guys enjoy my Blog!

    “Make a Memory!”

    Jeff “Breezer” Andersen

  70. 79

    And the Badge has been placed!

  71. 80

    What a great site and great give away idea! (and you guys have put togeather some quality prizes. That’s “Top Notch” in my book!)

  72. 81

    Here’s my post about the OBN:

    Hope you find it suitable ☺

  73. 82

    You will also find the Outdoor Blogger Network badge proudly displayed on my blog.

  74. 83

    AH-HA! The RSS feed is mine!

  75. 84

    Darn it all. No facebook for this chick, but I do have Twitter.
    Tweeted it last night and will be tweeting more today.

  76. 85

    Great site! Look forward to visiting often to learn about others who are blogging in the outdoors world.

    Oh, and badge has been added to my site.

  77. 86

    (btw – site url is http://www.ahunterstales.com if you need to confirm)

  78. 87

    Love your idea Rebecca! Commenting to enter :) And I’ll be tweeeting and other stuff too! I’ll comment when I accomplish each thing. I have a love for Shimano that can’t be beat.

  79. 88

    Great concept, I signed up for blog directory

  80. 89

    Tweet is done :)

  81. 90

    Badge is up on the blog

  82. 91

    Signed up for the RSS feed!

  83. 92


    (I’m not usually so short on words)

  84. 93

    I placed the OBN badge/logo on my site. Actually both my sites.

  85. 94

    Did I mention that I placed the OBN badge/logo on my websites? BTW, it’s a very fetching logo. Looks good anywhere. Maybe you need to get stickers made ;)

  86. 95

    Being hungry, I just got my RSS feed on.

  87. 96

    I posted about OBN on Faceplace. A couple times!

  88. 97

    OBN has been Twitted, or Tweetered.

  89. 98

    Excellent site and concept and just what we need as outdoor enhthusiats. Thanks for starting this network and I look forward to becoming a memeber.

    PS. I could really use this Binoculars before my hunting trip next week!!! :)

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog – Sharing the Passion

  90. 99

    Wrote a blog post about OBN on my vblog

  91. 100
  92. 101

    Placed the OBN badge on my blog (1)

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog – Sharing the Passion

  93. 102

    Did I mention I placed the OBN badge on my blog?!

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog – Sharing the Passion

  94. 103

    BTW, I just subscribed to the blog feed for OBN and The outdooress and Flowing Waters.

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog – Sharing the Passion

  95. 104

    I was reluctant to mention OBN on my facebook because I’m sure my friends will be asking why I don’t catch big fish the way Rebecca does. This one is going to hurt. :)

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog – Sharing the Passion

  96. 105

    Page views on my blog keep going up and up! Did I mention how much I like the OBN! Well I guess I just did.

  97. 106

    Here’s my first entry! Great to see you guys are official.

  98. 107

    Thanks for adding Angling Obsession!

  99. 108

    Badge on website…check

  100. 109

    RSS for Google Reader…Done

  101. 110

    OBN is on my Angling Obsession Facebook Fan Page!

  102. 111

    You’ve been tweeted as well.

    Had increased traffic on my blog today…Thanks!

  103. 112
  104. 113

    I love the Shimano reel, its sooo smooth!

  105. 114

    I have shared this page with all my facebook buddies!

  106. 115

    I just posted a scathing review on my blog.

  107. 116

    I deleted the scathing review and replaced it with this.

    And yes, this is my second entry for writing about OBN

  108. 117

    Wow sure do hope we win some of that great gear! http://funcfish.com could use some new gear to review… We tend to wear out the gear we buy too fast due to the fact that we never stop fishing… In fact I’m fishing (splash) righasnnttk nwwooow… f f f

  109. 118

    This wonderful site is now linked up with my great site! :) http://imnotcertainthatimnotcrazy.blogspot.com

  110. 119

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you that I blogged about the OBN over on the UA.

  111. 120

    I can’t remember if I told you already, but I posted an entry about the OBN over on my blog.

  112. 121

    Just given a heads up by posting a short un about the OBN, that’s another point if I’m not mistaken – the reel I can hear it calling to me!!!!!!

  113. 122

    You guys have no idea how long I wanted something like this to come around. Thanks for having the know-how and guts to do it! -Stephanie

  114. 123

    The chest pack is calling my name…I can hear it. Blog entry posted!

  115. 124

    Tweet! Tweet! OBN gives all of us our own little community. Tweet is up!

  116. 125

    I’m a cool kid; my blog has a badge!

  117. 126

    I facebooked it, and subscribed to RSS Feed. I think that is all of ‘em. *hoping I win*

  118. 127

    I have really enjoyed perusing through the list of blogs already. Very cool – comment 1

  119. 128

    Badge posted on my meager website…

  120. 129

    Email Subscription away…

  121. 130

    Yep. Now I have posted on my blog about the OBN!

  122. 131

    And now Twitter has heard from me!! Whew. I think I’m done now.

  123. 132

    I have added the OBN badge to my blog! Great thing you are doing here.

  124. 133

    I have mentioned OBN on twitter – Twitter account is VA_Outdoors

  125. 134

    I have mentioned OBN on Facebook on the VA Outdoors Page!

  126. 135

    I have the OBN RSS Feed up and running!

  127. 136

    Rebecca and Joe,
    The OBN is awesome! I am enjoying the other blogs, some that I have seen before, and some that are new to me. Looking forward to making my travel plans to the first OBN convention to be held somewhere other than Chicago. My wife Shirley and I will be glad to take a nice trip out west for a few days. This will be a reality soon!

  128. 137

    Placed the OBN Badge on my blog!

  129. 138

    Mentioned on my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/albertquackenbush

  130. 139

    Subscribed to the RSS Feed!

  131. 140

    Placed the OBN Badge on my blog! Second entry.

  132. 141

    Added it to my Twitter, too! http://twitter.com/#!/AlQuackenbush

  133. 142

    I posted the badge on my blog. Thank you for adding me to your blog directory! :)

  134. 143

    Added to the website http://bigwalnutfly.blogspot.com/

  135. 144

    Posted about the OBN site great idea

  136. 145

    Comment 2Posted about the OBN site great idea

  137. 146

    The feed is running a great wy to greet the morning

  138. 147

    Shared the link on FB

  139. 148

    The link has been tweeted

  140. 149

    Put the badge on the blog

  141. 150

    This is an awesome site! Thanks Joe for suggesting….I love it!

  142. 151

    I just added the badge…Gimme 2 more please!

  143. 152
    Al Hubbard says:

    Hey Great Site and information. Good luck with the network!!

  144. 153

    Kudos, and Congrats! Love the site!

  145. 154

    Good luck, I’ll make this a daily viewing habit!

  146. 155

    Cool little network u got going on here!!

  147. 156

    It’s on the blog in the blogroll….thanks for doing this…its rad

  148. 157

    I just added my blog post about Outdoor Blogger Network over at Blog Cabin Angler. Invite everyone to take a look. Rebecca and Wolfy, “I think I should get one point for every time I mentioned the OBN in my post”. Tee Hee!


  149. 158

    Depends on the size of the fish, I only fish for food, not sport. So yes, I am quite likely to call it quits after catching one fish.

  150. 159

    I pimped OBN on Kayak Fishing Radio last night – listen to the podcast…

  151. 160

    Here’s a comment for my first entry. Thanks for giving us all an opportunity!

  152. 161
  153. 162

    This is addicting by the way…Badge on website!

  154. 163

    Last but not least, the Tweet has been Twirt.

  155. 164

    I love the idea of Outdoor Blogging Network. I’m signed up and happy to say I’m the first one in the “ALL THINGS RELATED TO HUNTING DOGS” category! I hope there are more bird dog enthusiasts out there who will join me!!

  156. 165

    I’ve added you badge to my blog, Gordon Setter Crossing. I’d love to win that spinning reel!

  157. 166

    Posted on my Facebook page!! (:

  158. 167

    Okay, I wrote about OUTDOOR BLOOGER NETWORK on my blog! I’m going for that spinning reel……competition is stiff!! lol

  159. 168

    Here’s an idea for Outdoor Bloggers Network……How about a “Picture of the Week”……or the month. You could specify, each week or month, a theme. Something like, ” best catch”, “largest catch”, “kids and the outdoors”, etc. You could have fun with it by having silly categories like “smallest catch ever”, or “cutest bird dog puppies”. And of course I would enter that one! Be ready though, LOTS of people will enter a photo contest.
    And now I have another entry for the give aways! (:

    • 169

      You’re reading our minds, Karen. We definitely plan to have multipe “Photo Contests”. We want to have something interactive every week, in some way or another.

      Thaks for the input!

  160. 170

    Great site. Contests are always a great way to generate some buzz!

  161. 171

    OK. Just launched a brand new promo video for the Outdoor Blogger Network. Pretty fun to watch.

    Had fun making it anyway.

  162. 172

    Got my site loaded down with OBN logos! It’s not hard to want to put such an attractive little logo up. I am really glad you all didn’t go with some sort of dancing banana flash thingamajig.

  163. 173

    Popped over because I saw this on Karen Thompson’s blog – great job, gotta go poke around a bit now!

  164. 174

    Just wanted to let you know again… what this site has done for my blog. I am getting new readers who are enjoying the posts, almost as much as I enjoy writing them.
    Thank you Rebecca & Joe for this awesome site, and don’t forget to send me a prize!

  165. 175

    Hello, leaving my first comment for leaving a comment!


  166. 176

    Here is my first of two comments for displaying your OBN badge on my site. Thanks for listing my blog by the way. I appreciate it and it seems like a very comprehensive list of blogs. I hope to see more hiking ones on there soon!


  167. 177

    Second of two comments for the badge displaying on my blog!


  168. 178

    Here’s one comment for RSS your feeds to my iGoogle page!


  169. 179

    Here’s my comment for mentioning OBN on my Twitter: @LiveFreeAndHike


  170. 180

    Banner is up at Brave Eagles Hunt with Antique Brownings! Great place for outdoor bloggers to meet!!

  171. 181

    Heh, heh. my second notificaiton that I am displaying the OBN logo on my site. Did my traffic really just jump as much as I think?

  172. 182

    Second post about my promotional video for OBN.
    Check it out you scury dogs! (that’s pirate for new friends)

  173. 184

    Just found you and like free stuff, so please send me some.

  174. 185

    I’ve posted about OBN on eatmorebrooktrout.blogspot.com.

  175. 186

    The OBN badge is on the page at eatmorebrooktrout.blogspot.com!

  176. 187

    … I’ve subscribed to the OBN feed.

  177. 188

    AND… the posts are up on Facebook and Twitter!

  178. 189

    Thanks for the link in the directory. The OBN badge is on the Riverwood Blog now!

  179. 190

    Great idea! – a resource for outdoor enthusiasts and blog writers. I can easily see this doubling my readership! (from 3 to 6……..)

  180. 191

    The OBN badge is now on both http://www.riverwoodflies.com and http://www.oreoutdoor.com

  181. 192

    Awesome give away! I knew I joined this site for a reason:) Very cool!

  182. 193

    The badge is on my website as well:)

  183. 194

    Blog post about Outdoor Blogger Network completed at http://riverratramblings.blogspot.com/2010/10/outdoor-blogger-network.html

  184. 195

    Posted on Twitter!

  185. 196

    Oh, did I mention I put the badge on my blog?

  186. 197

    I got the badge on my site

  187. 198

    Badge for my blog entry


  188. 199

    I’ve placed the badge on my site!

  189. 200

    Oh yeah…I’ve subscribed through Google Reader. Does that count?

  190. 201

    Subscribed RSS!

  191. 202

    sounds a good give away..wolfbushcraft would be posh with a gift like these..

  192. 203

    Proudly displaying the OBN badge on my blog.


  193. 204

    Proudly displaying the OBN badge on my blog, again.


  194. 205

    Next week is vacation, time for bow hunting in KS.

  195. 206
    Tom Pruett says:

    Still trying to get my avatar to work

  196. 207

    okay now lets see if this works

  197. 209

    Wow 208 comments and counting… If I win I just might have a contest of my own! (If I can bear to part ways with the loot)

  198. 210

    Just realized I’ve been miss posting with the wrong email address…

  199. 211

    Better get started before I miss the deadline.
    Here is my “free” leave a comment entry…

  200. 212

    And I have placed the badge on my website, so count this as one of the 2 entries for that…

  201. 213

    …and this is the 2nd of 2 for the badge placement. Now, still a couple days left to try and get another couple entries in.

  202. 214

    I am not sure what to be more excited about, being accepted to the OBN or this contest! All of these prizes look outstanding!

  203. 215

    Outdoor Blogger Network badge added to my site:


  204. 216

    I’m looking forward to being a part of this OBN and helping it grow.

  205. 217

    Yup, got the OBN button or network badge added to my site.

  206. 218

    As I understand the rules I’m supposed to put to comments saying I added the OBN badge. So here is the second. You can check it here.

  207. 219

    After today’s fishing debacle I could use that spinning reel! The “please twist my line to oblivion” feature of my current spinning reel is just not doing it for me! (:

  208. 220

    Great idea Rebecca!

  209. 221

    I subscribed to the Email! :D

  210. 222

    Good luck with the OBN. Threw the OBN Badge up on the thefreshwaterfly.com.

  211. 223

    I had over 800 page views for the month of October! This is 1/3 of the views I had since Nov, 2009. Thank you to the OBN for getting my blog in front of the people who will read it. It takes work and dedication to keep a blog updated, you have all made it worth the time!

  212. 224

    Ok, that’s it………..comment entires are now officially CLOSED ~ Winners to be announced soon. Thank you for everyone that commented, spread the word about the OBN and participated. It’s been great and we’re already looking forward to the next contest!
    Rebecca & Joe

  213. 225

    67 people like the Outdoor Blogger Network on facebook. I just invited a few more to come and find us!

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