June 24, 2016

Outdoor Writing Prompt ~ The Fresh Air Bucket List

Outdoor Must Do's

This weeks Outdoor Writing Prompt was inspired by Kari Murray of I don’t wear Pink Camo in the Woods and her posted Bucket List. I enjoyed reading her Outdoor goals and loved how she incorporated blog entries she’d written into links that pertained to her Bucket List. Interesting and interactive for the reader! Once I […]

Outdoor Blogger Tips ~ The Avatar


As you wander around the blogosphere you’ve probably noticed that when some people post a comment, a default avatar symbol will show up next to their remark, while when some people comment, a personalized picture will show up instead. From time to time people have emailed me and asked how I have the same signature […]

Launch Giveaway Update ~ Bushnell Excursion Binoculars

Bushnell Excursion EX 10x42

In 6 …5 short days we will be employing the use of a random generator to pick 4 lucky winners in the OBN Launch Giveaway! As of this moment, there are 173…201 comments in the race to pick 1 of 4 prizes including these Bushnell Excursion EX 10 x 42 — List price is $349; going […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week

Journal of a Minnesota Angler

I’m cutting this one close to an almost missed Monday Feature! A quick note before we get to the good stuff. Evidently we tested the internal core of this website to it’s limits by putting the entire Outdoor Blogger Directory on one page (which had become huge) and had to make some hefty housekeeping adjustments […]

Discovering New Reading Material on OBN

Everyone who writes a blog has a variety of readers.  Some are fellow bloggers, others interested readers.  But, by and large, most bloggers follow a number of other blogs.  Cumulatively, this collective WE comprises a significant amount of our readership.  It only makes sense – we share a common love of the outdoors, and we […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ The Cell Phone Shot

From The Blackberry Camera

I have to admit, when I’m out and about I’m not always packing a real camera along. However, I usually have my cell phone with me unless I’m lucky enough to be in a no cell service part of the Great Outdoors. On more than one occasion I’ve reached into my pocket, grabbed my cell […]

Newest Members of the Outdoor Blogger Directory ~ Revised

Most Unusual OBN Logo sighting yet! Creative Points awarded to Troutrageous

With a scroll of the mouse and a click of the delete button we just scratched a good plan that had gone past the point of longest blog post…ever. It was our intention, and we did the double duty work, to do a blog post each week of the Newest Members of the Outdoor Blog […]

Our OFFICIAL launch day is finally here!! (And our first GIVEAWAY!!)


Welcome to the official Grand Opening of the Outdoor Blogger Network.  We are really glad you’re here!  Whether you’re a blogger who wants to be a part of this network, or a reader of outdoor blogs who wants to find the best material on the web, you’ve come to the right place. First time here? […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week

I Don't Wear Pink Camo to the Woods

Welcome to our First Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week. These three outstanding bloggers will have a RSS Feed here on the OBN for the next 7 days. We hope you visit their blogs throughout the week and add them to your readers. Our Featured Hunting Blogger for this first edition is Kari Murray, writer […]

We are go for Pre-Launch…

It's Time

The carpet is rolled out, the paint is almost dry and the door is finally open here at the Outdoor Blogger Network. Joe and I are excited to see where this adventure leads not only us, but the people who participate in this centralized location of other people doing exactly what we all do: Write […]