June 28, 2016

Intro ~ Newest Members of the Outdoor Blogger Directory

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One of the main goals of this website is to create a comprehensive Outdoor Blog Directory that includes everything Outdoor Blog. Be it Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Boating or any other activity that is done in the Great Outdoors, we want to include it in the Network!

As new blogs are submitted and added to the Blog Directory, we will also do a weekly update of our newest blog additions in a special entry. It is our hope that not only will others discover your blog, but you will discover new and interesting reads that you may not have found otherwise.

Make sure and submit your blog to be included in the Outdoor Blog Directory here —New Blog Submissions and we’ll get you included as soon as possible.

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


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    I hope this blog does well. It is particulaly important to me to try and get more people interested in what I do, ie. 18th century living history, because I find it is a lot of fun, and it covers such a wide range of interests. Historical trekking is a part of living history, the outdoor part I guess. Anything involving the outdoors, and we do it, 18th century style.
    So I guess what I am saying is thank you, thanks for starting this site. You do well, and I guess we do well also.

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