June 25, 2016

Intro ~ Outdoor Gear Reviews

We believe that Gear Reviews will become an essential part of the Outdoor Blogger Network for all parties involved.  It is our goal to bridge the gap between the real users of outdoor gear and the industries we purchase from. We believe there are a number of reasons that gear reviews are important. 1)   They […]

Intro ~ Blogging Tips For The Outdoor Blogger

Outdoor Blogging

The fact is, blogging isn’t as simple as writing a post and hitting the publish button. Statistics claim there are more that 2 blogs created every second of every day and sadly, most of them never make it past their first two or three posts. Whether you just started your blog or if you’ve been […]

Intro ~ Newest Members of the Outdoor Blogger Directory

Newest Outdoor Bloggers

One of the main goals of this website is to create a comprehensive Outdoor Blog Directory that includes everything Outdoor Blog. Be it Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Boating or any other activity that is done in the Great Outdoors, we want to include it in the Network! As new blogs are submitted and added to […]

Intro ~ A Good Cause

A Good Cause

Here at the Outdoor Blogger Network we believe in a good cause and want to show our support in any way we can. Whether it’s for conservation of a region, the preservation of a species, a fundraiser to raise money or to simply spotlight a project that betters the Outdoor world, we want to help […]

The Outdoor Blogger Network ~ Launching October 2010

A teaser post. I know, I don’t enjoy them either. But odds are a well placed Google search will send wayward travelers here before we have officially launched, hence the need for this: Hi! Hello! Welcome to The Outdoor Blogger Network! Normally I wouldn’t use so many exclamation points, but we are excited about this […]